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Kavalan Distillery Select 40.00° 0.700 L.

Kavalan Distillery Select 40.00° 0.700 L.

The single malt must travel six different barrel types before it impresses with its much-appreciated taste. These include fresh bourbon, fresh sherry, refill bourbon, red wine barrels from Spain and two different types of white wine barrels from Portugal. The result is breathtaking. It has a lively warm amber tone and is pure and elegant to taste. Floral notes are very noticeable as well as fruit and a touch of honey. Mango, pear, vanilla, coconut and mild chocolate fabulously interweave before its full flavor unfolds. The oak barrel storage offers mango aromas and a soft and intense finish with a hint of orange.

A real winner: Kavalan Single Malt from Taiwan

Kavalan Single Malt has already won plenty of gold medals. In 2014 and 2015 at the International Wine & Spirits Competition, it won the gold medal and was awarded the attribute "Outstanding" at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016. This drink certainly promises excellence!

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