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Ali G Indahouse Movie Torrent Download




The film was distributed in the United Kingdom on 4 March 2002, and received mixed reviews. Baron Cohen's performance has been compared to that of the fictional character Borat. Baron Cohen's character, Ali G, lives in a council flat in Hackney. He spends his days talking to strangers and taking photographs of himself with them. He is desperate to be accepted in the community in which he lives, and at the film's outset, it is revealed that Ali G is in love with his neighbour, Fatima, despite her being in a relationship. Ali G attempts to meet Fatima's boyfriend, but fails to make an impression on him, and instead attempts to impress Fatima's brother, who is a fellow drug addict. On a rooftop in Hackney, Ali G meets men from the streets who give him tips on how to become the leader of a gang. During one of these sessions, Ali G struggles to achieve his goal of becoming the leader, as he is mocked and talked over by his friends, including the less intelligent Stedman. Ali G succeeds in becoming the leader of the gang after an argument, during which his "innovative" leadership style is successfully employed. The gang's success leads to Ali G becoming a local celebrity and, as a result, living in a much grander flat. After Fatima refuses to have sex with him, Ali G becomes increasingly suspicious and bitter. He is confronted by her boyfriend, and then by a woman who had once dated Ali G. The film ends with Ali G deciding that he should confront Fatima's boyfriend himself. He attacks Fatima's boyfriend, who punches Ali G. The film was controversial for its portrayal of drug addiction. Ali G has no understanding of drug culture and does not understand why people would take drugs. He frequently makes comments in his interviews, e.g. "I thought drugs were for faggots and old people." The men he meets through his friends also make comments which make it clear that they have taken drugs. The film was not a box office success. Though it received generally positive reviews, the critics were divided over Baron Cohen's performance. Plot Ali G is an aspiring rapper who lives in a council flat in Hackney, East London. He spends his days on the streets of Hackney taking photographs of himself with strangers, an activity which has earned him a large number of followers. He believes he has been rejected by his family and by the Hackney residents who he feels have no




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Ali G Indahouse Movie Torrent Download

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